Inside NPD: Petits Filous Dairy Free

Petits Filous Dairy Free launched in the UK at the start of July, with Pure NPD checking out the ingredient deck, assessing the social media response and analysing Tastewise AI-based consumer data for trend indicators

Trendwatch: Sunday Pancakes with hazelnut maple praline and brown butter

Sunday in Brooklyn, the popular New York eatery, is launching its London outpost this month, with decadent Sunday Pancakes headlining the brunch menu

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AI-based Ideation: Indonesian cuisine

Tempeh leads the charge for Indonesian cuisine's mainstream entry in the UK - but what does Tastewise's AI-based data tell us about consumer motivations and on-trend dish pairings?

Talking UK flavour trends with Roshnee Dattani, Starbucks beverage developer

In our latest interview, PURE NPD goes inside UK (and US) coffee and flavour trends with Starbucks beverage developer Roshnee Dattani

Trailblazer Safari: Scottish scallop shoryu, Black Kanzuri and Bengali unripe-mango mustard

This month in our development inspiration series, we discuss innovative food posts from Paraguay, Denmark, Hong Kong and Sheffield - with fish, ferments and Vietnamese crêpes all on the menu

Coca-Cola bringing Japanese alcoholic seltzer brand Lemon-dou to the UK – but what is chūhai?

Coca-Cola's Lemon-dou, which has been sold in Japan since 2018, is set to arrive in the UK, with the beverage a rendition of the traditional Japanese drink, chūhai