7 gochujang-focused dishes in UK restaurants (and beyond)

According to AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise, UK consumers are currently all about spicy condiments.

In their recent 2020 UK trend report, which revealed notable food and drink trends across the UK, backed up by AI-based consumer data; Tastewise said that ‘spicy’, ‘umami’ and ‘salty’ are the most preferred condiment tastes for Brits, followed by ‘sour’, ‘sweet’ and ‘bitter’.

They also highlighted the Korean condiment gochujang as an ingredient that’s gaining considerable consumer interest.

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Hannah Atton
Hannah Atton
Previously a cross-category product developer and trends researcher for Tesco, an NPD technologist at Bakkavor, and freelance trend analyst for The Food People; Hannah is now exploring new AI-based trend frontiers with PURE NPD, unravelling cutting edge consumer data to unlock new product opportunities for NPD teams across the UK and beyond.

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