Fran Currie

Fran is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and writer, specialising in plant based cuisine. Based in London (specifically her kitchen), Fran is a regular developer of recipes and is constantly testing new products and ingredients.

Fran’s Test Kitchen: Dried shiitake mushroom seasoning

PURE NPD looks at whether naturally occurring glutamic acid in mushrooms can be used as a seasoning, in this instance with Sticky Wild Mushroom Bao Buns

Fran’s Test Kitchen: Vegan Ceviche

Continuing her test kitchen experiments, directed by AI-based trend data, Fran Currie reveals her successes (and failures) with vegan ceviche - an emerging plant-based fish trend in the UK

Fran’s Test Kitchen: Oat-based vegan pizza

In the first of a new development series, Fran Currie reveals her successes (and failures) when tackling AI-based trend opportunity areas. First up - the oat-based vegan pizza

Test Drive: Nestlé Carnation Vegan Condensed Milk

Plant-based chef Fran Curry tackles Millionaire's Shortbread using Nestlé's vegan condensed milk alternative

Are microgreens more than just a garnish?

Plant-based chef Fran Currie gets to grips with a selection of microgreens to discover how far you can go beyond garnish

Discovering Development: when regional Turkish meets plant-based

Could regional Turkish and plant-based be a match made in NPD heaven?

Discovering Development: exploring the plant-based potential of Georgian cuisine

PURE NPD’s resident plant-based chef adapts three traditional Georgian dishes for the vegan crowd

Discovering Development: three ways with lovage

Plant-based chef Fran Currie reveals three ways to creatively use lovage in vegan dishes

Discovering Development: brainstorming the ‘accidentally vegan’ main course

Inspired by a conversation with Emily Roux, PURE NPD’s resident plant-based chef, Fran Currie, develops a restaurant-level main course that is flavour first and vegan second

Pulled Oats: revolutionary plant-based ingredient arrives in UK retail

Gold&Green has launched Pulled Oats in Planet Organic stores in London, prompting PURE NPD to take a closer look at the story behind the innovative meat alternative

Lockdown Development: vegan jackfruit gyros

With holidays cancelled and the UK public craving flavours and dishes from abroad, PURE NPD's resident plant-based chef, Fran Currie, tackles a vegan version of the classic Greek gyros

Lockdown Development: vegan pastéis de nata

With baking all the rage, PURE NPD’s plant-based chef Fran Currie reveals her vegan recipe for the iconic Portuguese tart, pasteis de nata, rising to the challenge of replicating the taste, texture and appearance of traditional custard

Five vegan dishes to get excited about post-lockdown

As restaurants slowly start to think about reopening, PURE NPD's resident plant-based chef, Fran Currie, names five plant-based dishes she’s looking forward to eating

Why potato protein could be the next big thing in vegan baking

With a bright future forecast for the evolving dairy alternative market, Fran Currie identifies potato protein as a real opportunity area for businesses and manufacturers looking to stay ahead in the vegan baking game

How Le Cordon Bleu changed my approach to plant-based cooking

In her debut piece for PURE NPD, Fran Currie delves into her transformative plant-based cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu, where she gained an evolved palate and a greater understanding of the science behind vegan dish creation

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