Tom Gatehouse

Tom is the editor of Pure NPD Insights. He previously spent three years at William Reed’s food insight platform Food Spark, was the co-founder and editor of The Cream, is a former Restaurant magazine columnist and has had chef training in fifty of the best restaurants in the UK and Europe.

AI-based Ideation: Sima (fermented Finnish lemonade)

PURE NPD looks at sima, a traditional Finnish fermented lemonade highlighted by AI-based trend platform Tastewise as one to watch for the UK market

AI-based food trends: UK consumer motivations with tempeh (and the emerging opportunities)

PURE NPD and AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise delve into the potential of tempeh in the UK, detailing social/menu growth, popular eating occasions and key consumer motivations

How EDI developed a unique taste experience for their alcohol-free distilled endorphin spirit debut

In the second part of our exclusive deep dive into EDI and their game-changing ‘Spirited Euphoria’, master distiller Anthony Wilson reveals how he developed the unique flavour profile of the pioneering, endorphin-led, functional spirit

EDI and Spirited Euphoria: the strategies driving the endorphin-led, functional spirit innovators

In the first part of our exclusive deep dive into EDI and their ‘Spirited Euphoria’ debut, founding partner Helene Locke reveals the pioneering brand’s vision, strategies and consumer targets, with EDI aiming to be functional drinks leaders with their endorphin-led, alcohol-free experience.

Kombucha: UK category insights, the Michelin-starred ‘secret’ and the shelf-stable wine alternative

PURE NPD discusses the state of play with kombucha in the UK, featuring a shelf-stable wine alternative from Boucha Kombucha and category insight from Taste Shakers

AI-based food trends: inside UK consumer motivations for vegan fish (and food)

Following on from our look at plant-based fish with AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise, PURE NPD goes deeper inside the UK consumer motivations for vegan fish - with surprising results

Trend Watch: Yerba Mate

Functional tea brand Steaz have announced the launch of its new ‘Antioxident Brew’ range in the US, which is brewed with antioxidants from yerba mate - a traditional South American, caffeine-rich beverage.

AI-based food trends: will 2021 be a breakthrough year for the keto diet in the UK?

PURE NPD's latest tie-up with food intelligence platform Tastewise focuses on the keto diet, with exclusive AI-based trend data revealing a number of NPD interest areas within the dieting trend as it edges closer to the UK mainstream

Huel launches ready-to-drink banana flavour

Meal replacement giant Huel has added a new banana flavour to its ready-to-drink bottle range

Trailblazer Safari: Wagyu pastrami, the Michelin-starred McMuffin and the salted egg dessert series of dreams

In our latest virtual food safari, we reveal the latest high-end comfort food innovations, including a Michelin-starred banoffee pie doughnut, salted duck egg yolk custard French toast and a new chicken burger from the creative minds behind Noma

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