Tom Gatehouse

Tom is the editor and co-founder of PURE NPD. Formerly the deputy editor of trends and innovations hub Food Spark, Tom has had chef training in 50 top kitchens across the UK and Europe and is a former Restaurant magazine columnist. Tom has also served as a judge for the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship.

Eight UK products chosen by Nielson as “FMCG breakthrough innovations”

Global data company Nielson has released the 2020 edition of its Top 25 Breakthrough Innovations report, with PURE NPD taking a closer look at the eight UK product representatives

Demand for lunchtime accessibility fuelling Huel’s landmark move into ready meals

Meal replacement brand Huel have made its debut in the ready meal category. Tom Gatehouse discusses its motives and breaks down the launch flavours

NPD Digest: Dr Trouble African hot sauce

While hot sauce is far from new, Dr Trouble stands out with a Zimbabwean focus

Trailblazer Safari: croissant innovation special

In our latest look at food innovators leading the charge into the new normal, Tom Gatehouse highlights four inventive croissant operations from around the globe

NPD Digest: Nestlé’s Sensational Vuna

Plant-based fish is on the rise, with PURE NPD analysing Nestle’s tuna alternative, Sensational Vuna – the F&B giant’s first foray into the fledgling market

The animal-free dairy gap: inside Brave Robot’s plans to create a new global food category

Brave Robot co-founder Paul Kollesoff takes Tom Gatehouse through the inner workings of the revolutionary animal-free ice cream concept

Christmas NPD and trend forecasts with Farmison’s Jeff Baker

Farmison & Co’s executive development chef, Jeff Baker, talks COVID-influenced Christmas planning and upcoming launches, his ongoing sausage revamp at the online butcher and how his restaurant days continue to influence him

Trailblazer Safari: frozen lobster experimentation, nukazuke and decadent proto bites

PURE NPD's latest look at trailblazing innovations across food and drink, featuring Michelin-starred shellfish experiments, Japanese rice bran fermented radishes and a showstopping new spirit

How Fungtn is harnessing the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in its pioneering alcohol-free beer

Low and no drinks are on the up, but how do you stand out from the crowd? Enter Fungtn, the UK’s first alcohol-free beer with medicinal mushroom benefits

Strong year for core UK biscuit brands

PURE NPD digests Pladis’ latest annual biscuit review which points to a boom in sales for core brands

The Diary of a Jobless Chef: “How I’m surviving on a 90p-a-day food budget”

With his name protected to avoid complications, ‘Steve’ reveals the shocking financial restrictions of having been laid off and brainstorms possible options for restaurants reopening in the future

The Wish List: Decadent duck burgers à la Aussignac

Tom Gatehouse dreams of pre-lockdown days making dirty, sexy duck burgers with Pascal Aussignac, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Club Gascon

Lamb macon: WW2 gem arrives back on the scene

Asda has just added a lamb macon product into stores nationwide – a cured and smoked bacon alternative that ticks a number of underlying trend boxes

Russian seaweed bread and cretzel creativity: innovation is thriving in bakery products

While everyone might fancy themselves a baker these days, recent moves by M&S and Len & Grechka are important to keeping that interest alive

The South African bone broth that took the World Food Innovation Awards by storm

Health food brand MojoMe takes us through the development of their trailblazing product

The Stagiaire Diaries: spring butchery at Benedicts

Tom Gatehouse recalls his day cracking lamb spines and pulling dead man’s fingers with Richard Bainbridge at his restaurant, Benedicts in Norwich

Could British bakeries find business amid shortages and evolving consumer behaviour?

Flour is impossible to find and brand loyalty could soon shift - so who’s up to the task of turning negatives into positives?

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