Discovering Development: brainstorming the ‘accidentally vegan’ main course

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Emily Roux, where we chatted about the dishes she’d been cooking during lockdown (lots of homemade pasta, if you’re wondering) and the menu at her French/Italian restaurant Caractère, which was among those to reopen on 4th July after the easing of UK lockdown restrictions.

Emily opened Caractère in October 2018 with her husband, Diego Ferrari, in a bustling corner of Notting Hill. And, rather unusually, the menu is split into adjective-related sections: curious, subtle, robust, strong, delicate and greedy, with each dish in its section living up to the assigned adjective.

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Fran Currie
Fran Currie
Fran is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and writer, specialising in plant based cuisine. Based in London (specifically her kitchen), Fran is a regular developer of recipes and is constantly testing new products and ingredients.

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