Fran’s Test Kitchen: Oat-based vegan pizza

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Tastewise gave us a remarkable video that explained, using real-time AI-based consumer trend data, why an oat-based vegan pizza would be a huge hit in the UK.

It was really eye-opening stuff, with a clear opportunity for targeted plant-based pizza innovation highlighted by the food intelligence platform, which has access to data from over 183,000 restaurants and delivery menus, over 2.8 billion social interactions, and over 1.2 million online recipes from the UK.

Since then, we’ve explored pizza category analysis, offered oat-based pizza product branding ideation, and our head of NPD Ben even laid out the state of play with mainstream oat-based cheese development.

But what about the practicalities of developing an oat-based vegan pizza? Say you’re an enthusiastic food entrepreneur, you’ve seen the Tastewise data (and seemingly perfect gap in the market); how do you actually go about creating such a concept product in your ‘test kitchen’?

I’m talking about myself, of course! Since the Tastewise video dropped, I’ve been testing out recipes and, effectively, trying to get ahead of the inevitable oat-based vegan pizza race.

And my efforts focused on key two aspects – the oat pizza base and the oat-based cheese.

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Fran Currie
Fran Currie
Fran is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and writer, specialising in plant based cuisine. Based in London (specifically her kitchen), Fran is a regular developer of recipes and is constantly testing new products and ingredients.

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