Fran’s Test Kitchen: Vegan Ceviche

Last month, as part of our look at UK plant-based fish trends and consumer motivations, our friends at Tastewise – the AI-based food intelligence platform – provided us with a breakdown of the six most interesting vegan fish ingredients based on their ‘life cycle stage’, the total menu and social menu penetration in the UK, and MoM growth in terms of social, restaurant menu and home eating occasions.

Tuna, for example, has grown +15.4% on average each month over the last year when it comes to appearances on restaurant menus. Tastewise have broken it down like this to give a better sense of trends across a time frame, rather than just a ‘snapshot’ of a trend in one month of a year compared to the previous year.

Arguably the most unexpected addition to the list is ‘ceviche’.

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Fran Currie
Fran Currie
Fran is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and writer, specialising in plant based cuisine. Based in London (specifically her kitchen), Fran is a regular developer of recipes and is constantly testing new products and ingredients.

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