How Brite created Europe’s first natural nootropic drink for mental performance

In October 2020, founders Andrius Ratkevicius and Simas Jarasunas secured a listing at Sainsbury’s for their functional drinks brand, Brite, with their ‘Focus’ product the first natural nootropic drink to be stocked by the major retailer.

It was a huge milestone for the duo, who first launched Focus as Europe’s first natural nootropic drink for mental performance in 2018.

Focus is made using juice concentrates, nootropic superfoods (organic matcha, guarana, guyausa) and is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals designed to help the end-consumer be more productive and have a ‘long-lasting boost in focus’ (without energy spikes or crashes.)

There is a growing demand for products that go above and beyond the nutritional norm, with health-conscious consumers looking for more from their everyday products. Nootropics (along with certain adaptogens) are on the rise, with consumers becoming more aware of the brain-boosting benefits.

Brite was built on scientific foundations, with the range boasting a synergy between natural caffeine and L-Theanine. In the UK, AI-based food trends platform Tastewise have said that L-Theanine amino acid is a functional compound to watch, with interest up a remarkable +300% over the last year, which is likely due to the proposed benefits with anxiety/stress relief.

Founders Simas and Andruis worked with food technologists and nutritionists at University College London (UCL) in formulating the Focus proposition, which comes in three flavours – Pineapple Mango, Raspberry Mint and Blueberry Verbena.

We spoke to co-founder Simas to find out more about the brand’s journey, their science-driven development process, and their thoughts on the future of nootropics in UK retail.

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Hannah Atton
Hannah Atton
Previously a cross-category product developer and trends researcher for Tesco, an NPD technologist at Bakkavor, and freelance trend analyst for The Food People; Hannah is now exploring new AI-based trend frontiers with PURE NPD, unravelling cutting edge consumer data to unlock new product opportunities for NPD teams across the UK and beyond.

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