Walkers KFC crisps: how flavour houses recreate restaurant dish flavours for snacks

Earlier this month, Walkers announced that they’d struck a deal with KFC to launch two fried chicken crisp flavours – Walkers Max KFC and Walkers Max Double Crunch Zinger.

The new collaboration is the latest restaurant tie-up for Walkers since the launch of their ‘Taste Icons’ crisp range in the spring of 2020, which saw the brand partner up with popular UK restaurant groups to recreate the flavours of their signature dishes in crisp form.

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Ben Peatfield
Ben Peatfield
Ben is a highly experienced development chef, having previously worked internationally for a major flavour house across EMEA, with global FMCG companies as clients. His expertise spans market-leading restaurant groups, major UK retailers and private label R&D.

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