How they made The Collective’s kefir yoghurt drink – Stage III: Marketing

Over the course of several months, I have talked to experienced food developer Fiona Cramp (director of The Foodie Collaboration) about how she brought The Collective’s kefir range to the UK market in 2018.

She first broke down the kefir range concept and planning, then went into detail about the complexities of its development and production, mapping out the route that professional products have to take to reach the shelf.

But NPD doesn’t stop there. There’s still a lot of work to be done to make the product and brand successful.

For the developer it is too easy to think that this is the end of a journey of hard work. You’ve found your supplier, you’ve sourced the ingredients and packaging and perfected the recipe. You’ve validated the shelf life and the product is damn good. And it’s out there.

Now you have to make sure it sells and this is the stage of a brand where it can all go horribly wrong if you’re not careful. There has to be some form of marketing campaign.

In the third and final part of The Collective’s kefir story, Fiona reveals how the brand set about marketing their range, details the trade marketing tactics used and offers advice on where brands should focus their efforts post-launch in order to keep a product on a shelf.

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Chandos Elletson
Chandos is the publisher and co-founder of PURE NPD. A former food writer for The Times, Chandos was also one of the three founders of Restaurant magazine and instrumental in the creation of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Chandos is also a winner of the Glenfiddich Food Writer of the Year award.

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