Inside UK gochujang trends with consultant development chef, Philli Armitage-Mattin

The Korean condiment gochujang is on the rise in the UK, with AI-based trend platform Tastewise revealing that the ingredient grew in vegan home cooking by an impressive 155% between January and September last year.

They also revealed that menu penetration for gochujang grew +46% a month on average across the UK during the same time period, going so far as to say that the condiment “is poised to replace sriracha as the new hot sauce on UK tables.”

This week, we took a look at some interesting gochujang-influenced dishes in UK restaurants (and further afield), with Philli Armitage-Mattin – consultant development chef and MasterChef: The Professionals 2020 finalist – actually dedicating the month of March to the Korean condiment on her recipe/cooking-focused Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Sporting the #gochumonth and #gochujanggang hashtags, Philli is posting cook-alongs based around the use of gochujang, with PURE NPD dropping her a line to discuss the on-trend sauce, what dishes she likes to use it with, and the other Asian condiments that interest her in this space.

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Hannah Atton
Hannah Atton
Previously a cross-category product developer and trends researcher for Tesco, an NPD technologist at Bakkavor, and freelance trend analyst for The Food People; Hannah is now exploring new AI-based trend frontiers with PURE NPD, unravelling cutting edge consumer data to unlock new product opportunities for NPD teams across the UK and beyond.

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