Pasquale’s Peppers debut chilli-based condiment trio

Pasquale’s Peppers has made its debut in the UK, launching three spicy Italian condiments based on southern Italian traditions.

The first, Rosso Maturo, is made up of red Cayenne peppers (called Lazzaretto in the southern Italian region of Abruzzo), which have been soaked in salt and vinegar and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Verde Giovane, meanwhile, contains pickled slices of heirloom Lazzaretto peppers which are hand-picked when still green and young. Also preserved in extra virgin olive oil, the Verde Giovane is said to have a fresher, more grassy finish compared to the Rosso Maturo.

The third condiment, a Scarlatto Dolce jam, is made with chillis and sweet red peppers, and goes “wonderfully with cheese on bread”.

The trio were inspired by the southern Italian concept of peperoncino (or peperoncini), which sees fresh and/or pickled chillis as a regular presence on tables, much like oil and salt.

Pasquale’s Peppers are looking to introduce UK consumers to the authentic reaches of spicy Italian food options, with founder Serena Mariani telling The Grocer that there is “much, much more to Italian food spicing than what most Brits are used to”.

“A giant pepper grinder or a sad, stale bottle of chilli oil with a few dusty flakes at the bottom is definitely not how southern Italians flavour their food,” she added.

We’ve recently delved into the emerging opportunities with spicy condiments in the UK, specifically lesser known options, with ezme (Turkish spicy salsa), ssamjang and Korean gochugaru just three of the standouts we came across.

According to AI-based data from Tastewise, ‘sweet’, ‘sour’ and ‘spicy’ currently lead the way in terms of UK consumer interest and consumption of condiments and sauces. And when it comes to specifically Asian condiments, ‘spicy’ comes out on top with 56% of consumption.

If you’re looking at really delving into the possibilities with spicy, don’t miss our interview with Liam Kirwan, founder of DevilDog, who’s about as interesting (and experimental) as it gets right now in this space.

Tom Gatehouse
Tom is the editor of Pure NPD Insights. He previously spent three years at William Reed’s food insight platform Food Spark, was the co-founder and editor of The Cream, is a former Restaurant magazine columnist and has had chef training in fifty of the best restaurants in the UK and Europe.

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