Talking fresh chocolate and D2C with Russell & Atwell’s Giles Atwell

Steve Russell and Giles Atwell are no ordinary confectionery developers. Indeed, if you were to think of two people to launch a new chocolate business, you would probably want these two to be involved.

Between them, they have over 30 years experience working for the biggest names in the business. Steve Russell has 20 years of chocolate development experience at companies such as Mars, Cadbury, Green & Blacks and Godiva.

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Chandos Elletson
Chandos is the publisher and co-founder of PURE NPD. A former food writer for The Times, Chandos was also one of the three founders of Restaurant magazine and instrumental in the creation of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Chandos is also a winner of the Glenfiddich Food Writer of the Year award.

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