Textured plant protein: How is it made and what are the options?

Textured plant protein, or textured vegetable protein (TVP) as it is more generally known, is not new news. In fact, in the USA, textured soy proteins have been allowed to form up to 30% of a meat product since the early 70s!

Traditionally, it has been a way to cheapen meat products while maintaining the protein content. African markets, such as Egypt, have used even higher proportions of TVP in meat products for years, often in cheaper ‘luncheon meat’ type foods.

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Ben Peatfield
Ben Peatfield
Ben is a highly experienced development chef, having previously worked internationally for a major flavour house across EMEA, with global FMCG companies as clients. His expertise spans market-leading restaurant groups, major UK retailers and private label R&D.

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