EDI and Spirited Euphoria: the strategies driving the endorphin-led, functional spirit innovators

Euphorics – a mysterious functional drinks concept, coined by US brand Kin, that promises mood-altering, stress-reducing effects as an alternative to the poisonous buzz provided by alcohol.

I’d first heard of it last October via renowned F&B investor and entrepreneur Giles Brook, who said that a “mood enhancement [non-alcoholic drink] that gives you the highs of alcohol but without any of the negativity” is on the way and could be one of the next big UK trends.

And, earlier this month, it effectively arrived with the introduction of EDI (The Endorphin Dealer Institute) – the world’s first global laboratory dedicated to distilled ‘endorphin’ spirits.

Launched in London on March 1st, EDI are pioneering a new category of functional, alcohol-free premium spirits, with their debut product – Spirited Euphoria – a uniquely molecular blend of hemp, nootropics, cannabidiol (CBD) and adaptogens, designed to give the consumer an uplifted and relaxed feeling.

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Tom Gatehouse
Tom Gatehouse
Tom is the editor and co-founder of PURE NPD. Formerly the deputy editor of trends and innovations hub Food Spark, Tom has had chef training in 50 top kitchens across the UK and Europe and is a former Restaurant magazine columnist. Tom has also served as a judge for the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship.

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