Trailblazer Safari: Creations with carrots, ‘boujee’ prawn toast and the Michelin-starred chicory root soufflé

When I was working as a food trend researcher at Tesco, one of the most important aspects of the role was to explore and discover new and exciting ingredients and product formats, be it via workshops, food safaris or retail trawls.

Lockdown put food safari adventures on hold – but fear not! Our ongoing ‘Trailblazer Safari’ series continues to showcase the best of creative innovation on social media, spanning retail and foodservice, at home and abroad.

Sure, it’s not as good as tasting it for real, but we’ve found that many locked up innovators are sharing more than ever on their respective social media platforms, with our series offering NPD teams dreaming of a return to food safaris a window into continuing F&B innovation behind closed doors.

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Hannah Atton
Hannah Atton
Previously a cross-category product developer and trends researcher for Tesco, an NPD technologist at Bakkavor, and freelance trend analyst for The Food People; Hannah is now exploring new AI-based trend frontiers with PURE NPD, unravelling cutting edge consumer data to unlock new product opportunities for NPD teams across the UK and beyond.

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