Trailblazer Safari: Wagyu pastrami, the Michelin-starred McMuffin and the salted egg dessert series of dreams

For NPD teams, arguably one of the most enjoyable (and creatively stimulating) parts of the job is when you’re taken out into the big wide world to find inspiration for new projects.

Going on these ‘safaris’ allows developers and chefs (and the odd lucky person from marketing) to spread their wings and discover the latest on-trend restaurant dishes, the coolest new innovations in retail and, basically, get the juices flowing once they’re back at kitchen HQ.

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Tom Gatehouse
Tom Gatehouse
Tom is the editor and co-founder of PURE NPD. Formerly the deputy editor of trends and innovations hub Food Spark, Tom has had chef training in 50 top kitchens across the UK and Europe and is a former Restaurant magazine columnist. Tom has also served as a judge for the 50 Best BBVA Scholarship.

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