Fran’s Test Kitchen: Dried shiitake mushroom seasoning

PURE NPD looks at whether naturally occurring glutamic acid in mushrooms can be used as a seasoning, in this instance with Sticky Wild Mushroom Bao Buns

Discussing Development: Mushrooms – the science, the AI-based stats and the ones to watch

With interest with umami flavours on the up, and mushrooms an emerging focus area for retail and foodservice teams - PURE NPD takes a closer look at the possibilities with flavoursome fungi

Developing Pakistani street food with Manchester chai café, Aunty Ji’s

Our head of NPD Ben Peatfield details three Pakistani-focused products he recently developed with the Manchester chai café, Aunty Ji's

How EDI developed a unique taste experience for their alcohol-free distilled endorphin spirit debut

In the second part of our exclusive deep dive into EDI and their game-changing ‘Spirited Euphoria’, master distiller Anthony Wilson reveals how he developed the unique flavour profile of the pioneering, endorphin-led, functional spirit

Fran’s Test Kitchen: Vegan Ceviche

Continuing her test kitchen experiments, directed by AI-based trend data, Fran Currie reveals her successes (and failures) with vegan ceviche - an emerging plant-based fish trend in the UK

Fran’s Test Kitchen: Oat-based vegan pizza

In the first of a new development series, Fran Currie reveals her successes (and failures) when tackling AI-based trend opportunity areas. First up - the oat-based vegan pizza

The Development Kitchen of Dreams: Dan McEvoy, Dalehead Foods

What's in your development kitchen of dreams? PURE NPD columnist Dan McEvoy of Dalehead Foods allows his imagination to run wild

How (and why) Steeps developed their gut-friendly, ‘fire cider’ wellness shot

PURE NPD goes inside the development of Steeps One Shot - an immunity-boosting, gut-focused product based on a US recipe for 'fire cider' from the 1970s

Discussing Development: plant-based fish proteins

Our head of NPD, Ben Peatfield, dives into the subject of plant-based fish proteins, discussing the challenges with replicating colour and texture, the importance of nutrition and the emerging opportunities with cultivated products

Shio Koji vs. Meat: how it works, the many uses (and the untapped potential of shio-cuterie)

PURE NPD's development team delves into shio koji, a traditional Japanese seasoning/marinade that possesses diverse and unique functionalities when applied to meat

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