Scientists crack ‘marbled’ lab-grown meat

Canadian researchers have developed a new method for producing lab-grown meat that contains a marbling effect much like real meat.

Textured plant protein: How is it made and what are the options?

PURE NPD delves into the topic of textured plant protein, highlighting the main examples and detailing the science

Are microgreens more than just a garnish?

Plant-based chef Fran Currie gets to grips with a selection of microgreens to discover how far you can go beyond garnish

How (and why) TruffleHunter developed their vegan truffle mayonnaise

Premium truffle product manufacturer TruffleHunter details the development of their 'luxurious' vegan truffle mayonnaise, including the science, strategies and their texture 'Eureka moment'

How Lucky Saint developed their pioneering alcohol-free lager

Lucky Saint founder Luke Boase details the journey he took to develop his trendsetting alcohol-free lager

How do you reduce the fat content of a dressing/sauce but without affecting the creaminess?

In a commercially produced ranch dressing, for example, you could reduce the fat content by reducing the oil content. Most manufactured ranch dressings are effectively...

How do you make ice cream with hardly any calories?

The bulk of the calories in ice cream are coming from the sugar and fat content. Depending on the variety, one may be making up more of that total than the other

What are the benefits of dry-ageing meat, from a flavour/texture perspective?

Freshly slaughtered meat has relatively few inherently interesting sensory properties. It’s why meats are seasoned, seared or roasted to create the umami associated with the Maillard reaction

Kimchi: the traditions, the trends and the techniques

Fermentation enthusiast Kenji Morimoto discusses his recent dabbles with kimchi, including a brussels sprouts rendition of the traditional Korean fermented food

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