What supplements can you use to help substantiate immunity claims for your F&B product?

Our head of NPD discusses the challenges with immunity claims with health-focused products

How US start-up Jellatech managed to crack the secret to lab-grown collagen

Jellatech are pioneering a method of harvesting pure, high quality gelatin and collagen from cells instead of from animals

What exactly is ‘biohacking’?

As nootropics continue to rise in popularity, our head of NPD details the larger biohacking concept

Finding Fermentation: Umeboshi and Umeshu (without the Ume)

How far can you go with traditional Japanese ferments and local UK produce? Kenji Morimoto reveals his experiments with plum wine and pickles - having replaced the plum

‘Eggbrane’ powder targeting bakery sector

Dutch company DEPP B.V. has produced an egg membrane powder for the food and supplement industries that they claim helps alleviate joint stiffness and pain

Fermentation: the genius of Guinness garum

Dr Johnny Drain, the ‘Walter White’ of fermentation, takes PURE NPD through his latest creation - Guinness garum

Plant-based desserts: overcoming problems with proteins

Trends analyst Nicola Spalding discusses why proteins can be problematic in the development of plant-based desserts

Discovering Development: could Romanian cuisine hit the UK mainstream?

PURE NPD’s plant-based chef, Head of NPD and editor discuss whether Romanian cuisine has the potential to have an impact on the UK food scene

Fermentation: the supermarket development chef’s view

With fermentation all the rage, Nicola Spalding discusses trends and applications with Morrisons head chef of manufacturing, Mike Hibberd

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