NPD Chef Talk: Adapting to evolving home cooking trends in the UK

In our latest interview, ready meal specialist Helen Flower discusses post-COVID home cooking trends in the UK, with health, convenience and 'fakeaway' all on the menu

Talking UK flavour trends with Roshnee Dattani, Starbucks beverage developer

In our latest interview, PURE NPD goes inside UK (and US) coffee and flavour trends with Starbucks beverage developer Roshnee Dattani

Discussing food and drink trends with Zoe Simons, Waitrose senior innovation chef

PURE NPD talks trends with Zoe Simons, Waitrose senior brand and innovation development chef, with plant-based fish, shio koji and mushrooms all cropping up

Talking all-natural salsa development with premium dip brand, Holy Moly

Holy Moly co-founder Gaz Booth takes PURE NPD through the brand's development principles, following the launch of their new tomato and mango salsa

Talking ‘third condiment’ seed sprinkling with healthy snacking brand, Munchy Seeds

Plant-based snacking brand Munchy Seeds have launched two new seed sprinkling options, which they're billing as a 'third condiment' for health-conscious consumers

Talking hot sauce innovation, urfa biber and the potential of koshu with DevilDog

PURE NPD embarks on a rollercoaster ride through the emerging world of artisan hot sauce with Liam Kirwan - ex-chef and founder of trailblazing condiment producer, DevilDog

Talking comfort food trends, home delivery and custard with artisan dessert pop-up, Humble Crumble

With premium desserts on the up, PURE NPD discovers how artisan pop-up Humble Crumble managed to pivot during lockdown to keep producing their classically comforting British offering

Inside UK gochujang trends with consultant development chef, Philli Armitage-Mattin

With the UK starting to go for gochujang, PURE NPD gets together with development chef Philli Armitage-Mattin to discuss dishes, combinations and other potential opportunities in the Asian condiment space

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

Catching up with incrEDIBLE, the plant-based edible spoon guys

PURE NPD chats with Dinesh Tadepalli, co-founder of plant-based edible spoon operation incrEDIBLE, who have been making eco-friendly waves of late

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