How Le Cordon Bleu changed my approach to plant-based cooking

In her debut piece for PURE NPD, Fran Currie delves into her transformative plant-based cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu, where she gained an evolved palate and a greater understanding of the science behind vegan dish creation

The Diary of a Jobless Chef: “How I’m surviving on a 90p-a-day food budget”

With his name protected to avoid complications, ‘Steve’ reveals the shocking financial restrictions of having been laid off and brainstorms possible options for restaurants reopening in the future

The Wish List: Decadent duck burgers à la Aussignac

Tom Gatehouse dreams of pre-lockdown days making dirty, sexy duck burgers with Pascal Aussignac, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Club Gascon

The Stagiaire Diaries: spring butchery at Benedicts

Tom Gatehouse recalls his day cracking lamb spines and pulling dead man’s fingers with Richard Bainbridge at his restaurant, Benedicts in Norwich

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