NPD Digest: Nestlé’s Sensational Vuna

Plant-based fish is on the rise, with PURE NPD analysing Nestle’s tuna alternative, Sensational Vuna – the F&B giant’s first foray into the fledgling market

Five vegan summer BBQ launches in major retailers

PURE NPD analyses five supermarket vegan BBQ launches

Pulled Oats: revolutionary plant-based ingredient arrives in UK retail

Gold&Green has launched Pulled Oats in Planet Organic stores in London, prompting PURE NPD to take a closer look at the story behind the innovative meat alternative

World Dairy Innovation Awards 2020: Sublime is the new king of butter

Sublime’s mission is a brave one: namely providing a luxurious range of infused butters in a world recently dominated by healthy eating

Finding flavours: “F*ck Trump and His Stupid F*cking Wall”

The unusually named habanero spirit is made from a base of pearled barley, Belgian saison yeast and koji

Sidechick: Patty & Bun unleashes #tastyaf roast chicken and sides

The burger chain have launched a chicken-only arm, with their choice of tagline starting to become something of a trend in new delivery

Lamb macon: WW2 gem arrives back on the scene

Asda has just added a lamb macon product into stores nationwide – a cured and smoked bacon alternative that ticks a number of underlying trend boxes

Russian seaweed bread and cretzel creativity: innovation is thriving in bakery products

While everyone might fancy themselves a baker these days, recent moves by M&S and Len & Grechka are important to keeping that interest alive

The South African bone broth that took the World Food Innovation Awards by storm

Health food brand MojoMe takes us through the development of their trailblazing product

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