The D2C Summit by Bread & Jam: What’s next for food and drink online?

At last week's virtual D2C Summit by Bread & Jam, hundreds of challenger brands and thought leaders gathered to explore growth opportunities within online grocery

What does the future hold for the plant-based category

How will the plant-based sector evolve over the next five years? Those who attended the UK’s first virtual plant-based summit - hosted by Bread & Jam - got a snapshot from some of the world’s leading minds in meatless

The biggest challenge when launching a successful plant-based challenger brand

During Bread & Jam's first virtual plant-based summit, the influential founders of four UK challenger brands - including THIS and OGGS - revealed their biggest challenges in launching their respective operations

How Brite created Europe’s first natural nootropic drink for mental performance

Brite co-founder Simas Jarasunas details how the brand first developed their functional 'Focus' drink and reveals his thoughts on the future of nootropics in UK retail

EDI and Spirited Euphoria: the strategies driving the endorphin-led, functional spirit innovators

In the first part of our exclusive deep dive into EDI and their ‘Spirited Euphoria’ debut, founding partner Helene Locke reveals the pioneering brand’s vision, strategies and consumer targets, with EDI aiming to be functional drinks leaders with their endorphin-led, alcohol-free experience.

The evolution of ‘vegan’ and the creation of the UK’s largest plant-based summit

Jason Gibb, co-founder of Bread & Jam, discusses the evolution (and future) of 'vegan' as he prepares to co-host the upcoming Plant-Based Summit - the UK’s biggest gathering of plant-based entrepreneurs and industry experts

Kombucha: UK category insights, the Michelin-starred ‘secret’ and the shelf-stable wine alternative

PURE NPD discusses the state of play with kombucha in the UK, featuring a shelf-stable wine alternative from Boucha Kombucha and category insight from Taste Shakers

“The landscape for food retailing is changing, for good”: What we learnt from Ocado’s massive jump in yearly sales

Online supermarket giant Ocado have said that the grocery landscape is changing “for good” as it reported a mammoth 35% jump in sales over the past year

Inside The Natural Food & Drink Company – the startup manufacturing innovators with future trend insight

PURE NPD discovers how The Natural Food & Drink Company are pioneering a new level of small-scale production, becoming a source of F&B retail trend insight in the process

Manilife teases new podcast on how brands should spend their first £500 marketing budget

Manilife's Dan Pope has released a video preview of his upcoming podcast on how young food and drink brands should spend their first marketing budgets

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