AI-based food trends: opportunities in the Asian condiment space for the UK market

PURE NPD and Tastewise delve into the UK condiment market, discovering on-trend flavour profiles and highlighting emerging Asian options from AI-based data

AI-based Ideation: Korean gochugaru

Gochugaru is Korean chilli powder (or flakes) and is used in the making of kimchi - but should NPD teams look at it as an emerging ingredient for other applications? We used real-time, AI-based, UK consumer trend data to find some actionable answers

Sacha inchi protein pioneers in US retail (and beyond)

PURE NPD takes a closer look at sacha inchi, the nutrient-dense 'super seed' that looks a great fit for mainstream plant-based NPD

6 adaptogenic chocolate products in the US to watch (and why)

PURE NPD looks at six adaptogenic chocolate products in the US which could meet UK consumer demand for ‘mood boosting’ foods

AI-based food trends: emerging ingredient pairings with tempeh in the UK

Tempeh is showing clear growth in both UK menu mentions and UK consumer discussions - but which ingredient pairings should you be looking at?

Crossing the Pond: US product launches vs AI-based UK consumer data

PURE NPD takes three recent product launches in the US and funnels them through the latest AI-based UK consumer data from Tastewise to see if there might be life for similar NPD this side of the pond.

4 interesting tempeh formats in the UK (and beyond)

PURE NPD looks at four brands currently experimenting with tempeh, which is showing clear growth in terms of both UK menu mentions and consumer discussions

AI-based Ideation: Sima (fermented Finnish lemonade)

PURE NPD looks at sima, a traditional Finnish fermented lemonade highlighted by AI-based trend platform Tastewise as one to watch for the UK market

AI-based food trends: UK consumer motivations with tempeh (and the emerging opportunities)

PURE NPD and AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise delve into the potential of tempeh in the UK, detailing social/menu growth, popular eating occasions and key consumer motivations

Trailblazer Safari: Creations with carrots, ‘boujee’ prawn toast and the Michelin-starred chicory root soufflé

In our latest virtual safari, PURE NPD hits purple carrot ice cream from London, baby corn coffee mayonnaise from Mexico City, and some rather decadent, salmon caviar-topped prawn toast

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