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With home cooking trends going from strength to strength, Jo Bruce looks at why the lockdown chef cook-along concept could have a long-term future

Eight key takeaways from the Co-op lockdown trends report

Following the Co-op’s release of a COVID-19 report on convenience shopping and at-home cooking, PURE NPD isolates eight key stats to digest and discuss

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Over a third of UK consumers are passing up takeaway

PURE NPD takes a closer look at new research which shows that the UK public has moved away from takeaway since April

Five retail trend predictions for Christmas 2020

With the prospect of social distancing during the festive season disrupting Christmas retail plans, PURE NPD’s Laura Eastwood outlines five key consumer trends that could drive the market this winter

Trend Watch: Wagyu bacon

In our latest look at potential trends on the horizon, PURE NPD tackles Wagyu bacon, which appeared on social media earlier this week

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With the country emerging from lockdown, PURE NPD’s Trinity Hislop breaks down UK consumer habits in healthy eating past and present while discussing opportunities to reshape the industry

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