Why the UK is embracing a return to comfort food

It seems that, through a new survey from YouGov, UK diners have revealed the reason for their newfound love for all things traditionally unhealthy

Five CBD drink concepts to watch and why

Trends analyst Hannah Atton looks at five CBD drink brands, outlines their different approaches and discusses how businesses should manage consumer expectation in the growing market

Copenhagen on trend: Korean fried chicken with egg yolk emulsion

PURE NPD can’t resist a bit of a tasty innovation, with Copenhagen fast becoming the go-to for all things trend

Trend Deep Dive: chef-made ready meals and kits

With an increasing number of restaurant and pub operators turning to chef-created ready meals and meal kits as part of a new retail focus for their customers, Jo Bruce delves into five different ventures to discover how they are benefitting from the new demand

Trend watch: Mexican tepache, the fermented pineapple drink

Fermentation is all the rage, with PURE NPD recently discovering Tepache, a low alcohol staple of the Mexican street food scene

The standout stat in Marcus Wareing’s post-lockdown diner survey

The results of Marcus Wareing’s lockdown survey are in, with one stat particularly revealing

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