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Consumer trends

AI-based food trends: inside UK consumer motivations for vegan fish (and food)

Following on from our look at plant-based fish with AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise, PURE NPD goes deeper inside the UK consumer motivations for vegan fish - with surprising results

6 keto-friendly alcohol product examples in UK retail (and abroad)

With interest in keto-friendly alcohol on the rise in the UK, PURE NPD highlights six product examples - at home and abroad - which fit the bill

Keto-friendly product branding ideation in retail (and beyond)

With keto diets rising in popularity in the UK, PURE NPD looks at how existing brands might pivot their existing product branding to incorporate a keto-friendly message

Who are the end consumers for keto-friendly food products in the UK (and is there a gap in the market)?

Interest in keto diets is on the rise in the UK, but who is the end consumer? To us, it's split into two groups - and both will have different keto product needs

AI-based food trends: will 2021 be a breakthrough year for the keto diet in the UK?

PURE NPD's latest tie-up with food intelligence platform Tastewise focuses on the keto diet, with exclusive AI-based trend data revealing a number of NPD interest areas within the dieting trend as it edges closer to the UK mainstream

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

AI-based food trends: what the UK really wants from plant-based fish

In our latest AI-based deep dive into the next big food trends, pioneering platform Tastewise reveals the state of play with plant-based fish in the UK, delving into the motivations, points of language and key ingredients driving the emerging category

Oat-based vegan pizza: branding ideation from AI-based trend analysis

Branding agency Blue Sheep Design explores how an oat-based vegan pizza - touted as a real opportunity in NPD by AI-based trends platform Tastewise - might look if taken through to the retail shelf

“The landscape for food retailing is changing, for good”: What we learnt from Ocado’s massive jump in yearly sales

Online supermarket giant Ocado have said that the grocery landscape is changing “for good” as it reported a mammoth 35% jump in sales over the past year

Oat-based vegan pizza: translating trends with retail category analysis

After AI-based trend analysis platform Tastewise proved why oat-based vegan pizza could be the next big thing, PURE NPD discovers the latest in pizza category analysis

Oat-based vegan pizza and the AI-based future of food trend analysis

PURE NPD is to explore the world of AI-based trend analysis, starting with Tastewise, a pioneering platform that harnesses the largest data-set in food intelligence to analyse and predict consumer behaviour

Tesco reveals soaring green vegetable demand as vegan scratch cooking continues

A new report from Tesco shows a notable increase in consumer demand for green vegetables, with PURE NPD discussing the continued rise of the vegan scratch cook

Changing fat perceptions opening up “huge new opportunities for product developers in multiple categories”

A new report from industry analysts New Nutrition Business shows that consumers are rapidly losing their fear of fat in food

New Google Trends report reveals COVID/nutrition keywords

A new Google Trends analysis report reveals the “profound effects” of COVID-19 on global nutrition searches

Six megatrends to shape the food industry of 2050?

Independent strategy and advisory company, Lux Research, have published a report highlighting “must-dos for companies to survive and thrive between now and 2050”

The Editor’s Brief: Inside UK curry stats, keto opportunities and the kola nut energy drink

Hot stats on curry and the trends behind them As we’re slap bang in the middle of National Curry Week, I thought I’d kick things...

Five stats from Marks & Spencer’s 2020 Christmas Trends report

Highlights from the major supermarket’s predicted Christmas trends report, with five consumer stats standing out

Eight key takeaways from the Co-op lockdown trends report

Following the Co-op’s release of a COVID-19 report on convenience shopping and at-home cooking, PURE NPD isolates eight key stats to digest and discuss

Five retail trend predictions for Christmas 2020

With the prospect of social distancing during the festive season disrupting Christmas retail plans, PURE NPD’s Laura Eastwood outlines five key consumer trends that could drive the market this winter

Trend Deep Dive: the changing face of healthy eating in retail

With the country emerging from lockdown, PURE NPD’s Trinity Hislop breaks down UK consumer habits in healthy eating past and present while discussing opportunities to reshape the industry

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