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AI-based food trends: inside UK consumer motivations for vegan fish (and food)

Following on from our look at plant-based fish with AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise, PURE NPD goes deeper inside the UK consumer motivations for vegan fish - with surprising results

Discussing Development: plant-based fish proteins

Our head of NPD, Ben Peatfield, dives into the subject of plant-based fish proteins, discussing the challenges with replicating colour and texture, the importance of nutrition and the emerging opportunities with cultivated products

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

Plant-based fish: supermarket category analysis and the healthy eating gap between restaurants and retail

Trends expert Hannah Atton provides her analysis of both the UK retail and foodservice sectors when it comes to the emerging plant-based fish trend, with a sprinkling of major supermarket category analysis thrown in

Seven plant-based fish innovators in UK restaurants (and beyond)

PURE NPD discusses six casual dining outlets which are innovating with different plant-based ingredients to create vegan-friendly versions of fish dishes

Ten plant-based fish innovators in UK retail (and beyond)

After AI-based trends platform Tastewise revealed the key fish alternative drivers in the UK, PURE NPD looks at 10 different plant-based fish retail products already making a mark

AI-based food trends: what the UK really wants from plant-based fish

In our latest AI-based deep dive into the next big food trends, pioneering platform Tastewise reveals the state of play with plant-based fish in the UK, delving into the motivations, points of language and key ingredients driving the emerging category

Neat Burger unleashes UK’s first plant-based fish burger

Vegan burger chain Neat Burger have launched the UK's first plant-based fish burger, the Fillet-no-Fish

White soy debuts in the UK inside Moving Mountains new plant-based fish finger

A new, white variant of soy, previously unseen in the UK, is the secret ingredient inside the new Moving Mountains plant-based fish finger

Good Catch and Hooked hit plant-based tuna milestones

Plant-based fish is coming in hot, with two innovative brands hitting major milestones in tuna alternatives

The Editor’s Brief: Plant-based tuna milestones, startup fundraising tips and Bakkavor’s ‘Donna Hay’ effect

Food and drink industry still stuck on sugar, PHE report reveals A bit of news to get us underway today with the latest report from...

NPD Digest: Nestlé’s Sensational Vuna

Plant-based fish is on the rise, with PURE NPD analysing Nestle’s tuna alternative, Sensational Vuna – the F&B giant’s first foray into the fledgling market

Drivers, milestones and challenges in plant-based fish development – and the innovators making waves

Trends analyst Nicola Spalding dives into the fledgling world of plant-based fish alternatives, outlining key drivers, trailblazing companies and the challenges of achieving the right texture

UK Fishing Insight: the five in-season fish you need right now

With restaurants reopening from this weekend, the price of fish is rising, so Mike Warner advises against following the crowds and instead looking for seasonal bargains that are usually exported

UK Fishing Insight: why Cornish hake is the fish of the moment

Commercial fishing expert Mike Warner explains why this week is all about Cornish hake and reveals that buying direct from fishing boats is now a realistic prospect

Flourishing fish fingers and the wider boom in British seafood

Familar fish is on the rise, with the Sea Fish Industry Authority telling PURE NPD that fishmongers and delivery services are reaping rewards from the public’s rekindled ‘love for local’

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