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AI-based food trends: inside UK consumer motivations for vegan fish (and food)

Following on from our look at plant-based fish with AI-based food intelligence platform Tastewise, PURE NPD goes deeper inside the UK consumer motivations for vegan fish - with surprising results

Discussing Development: plant-based fish proteins

Our head of NPD, Ben Peatfield, dives into the subject of plant-based fish proteins, discussing the challenges with replicating colour and texture, the importance of nutrition and the emerging opportunities with cultivated products

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

Plant-based fish: supermarket category analysis and the healthy eating gap between restaurants and retail

Trends expert Hannah Atton provides her analysis of both the UK retail and foodservice sectors when it comes to the emerging plant-based fish trend, with a sprinkling of major supermarket category analysis thrown in

Seven plant-based fish innovators in UK restaurants (and beyond)

PURE NPD discusses six casual dining outlets which are innovating with different plant-based ingredients to create vegan-friendly versions of fish dishes

Ten plant-based fish innovators in UK retail (and beyond)

After AI-based trends platform Tastewise revealed the key fish alternative drivers in the UK, PURE NPD looks at 10 different plant-based fish retail products already making a mark

AI-based food trends: what the UK really wants from plant-based fish

In our latest AI-based deep dive into the next big food trends, pioneering platform Tastewise reveals the state of play with plant-based fish in the UK, delving into the motivations, points of language and key ingredients driving the emerging category

Discussing Development: protein problems with oat-based cheese

The oat-based vegan pizza may have serious potential on the UK market, but NPD teams first have to look at the protein content in oat-based cheese

Oat-based vegan pizza: branding ideation from AI-based trend analysis

Branding agency Blue Sheep Design explores how an oat-based vegan pizza - touted as a real opportunity in NPD by AI-based trends platform Tastewise - might look if taken through to the retail shelf

Oat-based vegan pizza: translating trends with retail category analysis

After AI-based trend analysis platform Tastewise proved why oat-based vegan pizza could be the next big thing, PURE NPD discovers the latest in pizza category analysis

Catching up with incrEDIBLE, the plant-based edible spoon guys

PURE NPD chats with Dinesh Tadepalli, co-founder of plant-based edible spoon operation incrEDIBLE, who have been making eco-friendly waves of late

The Editor’s Brief: Asia’s first animal-free ice cream, Danish cookie innovation and the supermarket development job of a lifetime

PURE NPD editor Tom Gatehouse introduces the week with five interesting stories from around the world

THIS take plant-based marketing to a new level with social media influencer prank

Meat alternative mischief-makers THIS have tricked social media influencers into believing their 'chicken' is the real thing

German vegan brand Wholey launch frozen smoothie bowl packs in the UK

German vegan brand Wholey have launched their four-strong frozen smoothie bowl range in the UK

Tesco reveals soaring green vegetable demand as vegan scratch cooking continues

A new report from Tesco shows a notable increase in consumer demand for green vegetables, with PURE NPD discussing the continued rise of the vegan scratch cook

Oatly debut oat-based ‘cream cheese’ spreads

Plant-based dairy movers Oatly have launched three flavours of oat-based ‘cream cheese’ spread in the UK

Perfect Day and Nick’s launch animal-free dairy ice cream range

Swedish healthy eating brand Nick’s have partnered with animal-free dairy pioneers Perfect Day to produce a new line of keto-friendly, vegan dairy ice creams.

Neat Burger unleashes UK’s first plant-based fish burger

Vegan burger chain Neat Burger have launched the UK's first plant-based fish burger, the Fillet-no-Fish

Textured plant protein: How is it made and what are the options?

PURE NPD delves into the topic of textured plant protein, highlighting the main examples and detailing the science

The Mighty Pea unleash new oat milk

Pea milk pioneers The Mighty Pea have launched a new oat milk into Tesco, Sainsbury's and Ocado

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