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Talking hot sauce innovation, urfa biber and the potential of koshu with DevilDog

PURE NPD embarks on a rollercoaster ride through the emerging world of artisan hot sauce with Liam Kirwan - ex-chef and founder of trailblazing condiment producer, DevilDog

Discussing Development: Mushrooms – the science, the AI-based stats and the ones to watch

With interest with umami flavours on the up, and mushrooms an emerging focus area for retail and foodservice teams - PURE NPD takes a closer look at the possibilities with flavoursome fungi

Fermentation: the genius of Guinness garum

Dr Johnny Drain, the ‘Walter White’ of fermentation, takes PURE NPD through his latest creation - Guinness garum

Plant-based desserts: overcoming problems with proteins

Trends analyst Nicola Spalding discusses why proteins can be problematic in the development of plant-based desserts

Discovering Development: could Romanian cuisine hit the UK mainstream?

PURE NPD’s plant-based chef, Head of NPD and editor discuss whether Romanian cuisine has the potential to have an impact on the UK food scene

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