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7 gochujang-focused dishes in UK restaurants (and beyond)

AI-based trends platform Tastewise has highlighted Korean gochujang as a condiment to watch in the UK this year, with PURE NPD checking out 7 different dishes that feature the ingredient

Plant-based fish: supermarket category analysis and the healthy eating gap between restaurants and retail

Trends expert Hannah Atton provides her analysis of both the UK retail and foodservice sectors when it comes to the emerging plant-based fish trend, with a sprinkling of major supermarket category analysis thrown in

Seven plant-based fish innovators in UK restaurants (and beyond)

PURE NPD discusses six casual dining outlets which are innovating with different plant-based ingredients to create vegan-friendly versions of fish dishes

UK grocery retail market share is up – but what does that mean for product developers?

A new report from IGD shows that UK grocery retail market share grew to 81% this year, up from 64% in 2019. So how does NPD react?

Restaurant to Retail: How (and why) Zizzi developed a frozen pizza range for Sainsbury’s

Chandos Elletson discovers how restaurant chain Zizzi and supplier Estom developed and launched a premium frozen pizza range into a major UK retailer

Five keys to better brand identity and design

As brand identity plays a crucial role in food business strategy, PURE NPD’s Chandos Elletson discusses five keys to success with design agency Greatergood

Should food suppliers revert back to old norms post-lockdown?

During lockdown, artisan bakery Frankonia went from being a high-end supplier to a nationwide online and retail business, and founder Birgit Gunz reveals she might permanently leave wholesale behind

Interview: Adam Fresco talks post-lockdown crisis management in restaurant PR

Crisis management is an essential part of restaurant PR, but how should you react to a Covid-based media storm born in your dining room? Enter global media strategist Adam Fresco, who negotiates PURE NPD through one such scenario

Over a third of UK consumers are passing up takeaway

PURE NPD takes a closer look at new research which shows that the UK public has moved away from takeaway since April

Restaurant redesign: five ways to integrate social distancing into the dining experience

Maria Bracken talks with five world-renowned designers who are helping clients bring their redesign strategies to life

Interview: Mark Sargeant – “For us, it is about trimming everything down so it is manageable to start with”

Chef/restaurateur Mark Sargeant discusses his varied reopening plans, reasons for the industry to be positive and Indian lockdown cooking habits

How Japanese restaurant culture saved me from my lowest ebb

Trinidadian writer Paul Hadden recalls his days spent at an unassuming restaurant in Japan and explains why its sense of community spirit encapsulates what he misses most about eating out

Interview: Adam Handling – “We’re doing 1,000 orders a week at Hame!”

Adam Handling talks about coping with stress during lockdown, his decision to close two of his restaurants and the success of Hame, his first-ever delivery-only operation

Restaurants reopening: top tips for tackling food waste

Sustainability is of critical importance to the modern restaurant. And with the issue of food waste rearing its ugly head during lockdown, the SRA has provided a number of tips to help those planning to reopen in the near future

Lockdown chefs to follow: Kelvin Tan

A junior sous chef at the two-Michelin starred Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham has caught our eye with his old school Asian cooking during lockdown

“Noma is making burgers and we are doing sushi!” – welcome to Parlour, the One Stop Apocalypse Shop

Jo Bruce looks at the success and evolution of chef/pub operator Jesse Dunford Wood’s the Parlour Market Place in north-west London and his plans for the pub’s future

Sally Abé: “Brett Graham will definitely bounce back with something bigger and better”

Sally Abé, head chef of Michelin-starred The Harwood Arms, remembers her time working under Brett Graham at The Ledbury, which recently announced it would remain closed indefinitely due to the effects of lockdown

Interview: Andreas Antona – “For me it will be like starting a new business again”

Michelin-starred chef Andreas Antona discusses potential post-lockdown formats and opportunities for the restaurant sector, reveals the thing he’s missed most in isolation and talks about his hopes for the future of comfort food

Trend Deep Dive: chef-made ready meals and kits

With an increasing number of restaurant and pub operators turning to chef-created ready meals and meal kits as part of a new retail focus for their customers, Jo Bruce delves into five different ventures to discover how they are benefitting from the new demand

WATCH: See Gasoline Grill/Noma Cheeseburger potato buns being made

Noma’s new cheeseburger has been the talk of the town, with Gasoline Grill releasing a video showing how they make the potato bun

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