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Retail trends

Keto Diet Trends: what’s going on in dairy and baking?

Following on from our AI-based data piece with Tastewise on keto diet trends in the UK, PURE NPD goes inside the dairy and baking retail categories, across the UK and US, to gauge current ketogenic NPD direction

Keto Diet Trends: what’s going on in snacking and cereals?

Following on from our AI-based data piece with Tastewise on keto diet trends in the UK, PURE NPD goes inside the snacking and cereal retail categories, across the UK and US, to gauge current ketogenic NPD direction

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

Plant-based fish: supermarket category analysis and the healthy eating gap between restaurants and retail

Trends expert Hannah Atton provides her analysis of both the UK retail and foodservice sectors when it comes to the emerging plant-based fish trend, with a sprinkling of major supermarket category analysis thrown in

Ten plant-based fish innovators in UK retail (and beyond)

After AI-based trends platform Tastewise revealed the key fish alternative drivers in the UK, PURE NPD looks at 10 different plant-based fish retail products already making a mark

Oat-based vegan pizza: translating trends with retail category analysis

After AI-based trend analysis platform Tastewise proved why oat-based vegan pizza could be the next big thing, PURE NPD discovers the latest in pizza category analysis

Oat-based vegan pizza and the AI-based future of food trend analysis

PURE NPD is to explore the world of AI-based trend analysis, starting with Tastewise, a pioneering platform that harnesses the largest data-set in food intelligence to analyse and predict consumer behaviour

Inside The Natural Food & Drink Company – the startup manufacturing innovators with future trend insight

PURE NPD discovers how The Natural Food & Drink Company are pioneering a new level of small-scale production, becoming a source of F&B retail trend insight in the process

UK grocery retail market share is up – but what does that mean for product developers?

A new report from IGD shows that UK grocery retail market share grew to 81% this year, up from 64% in 2019. So how does NPD react?

BBQ trends to shape 2021

From Autumn BBQ habits to Argentinian cross cooking, fire is coming into play in a big way, with Hannah Atton exploring upcoming trends for next year

Move over Millennials, it’s time for Generation P: The Perennial Shoppers

PURE NPD’s Chandos Elletson discusses the emergence of Generation P - the new shopper age group hailed as a $1.460bn opportunity for retailers and suppliers

How Farmison are blending tradition with trends to attract a new breed of consumer

John Pallagi, CEO and founder of online butcher Farmison, reveals how the UK retail meat sector is changing and the steps they’ve taken to manage their massive growth

Poundland’s Project Diamond Ice further proof that the freezer is back

Poundland is betting on the freezer to be a key category going forward

Eight UK products chosen by Nielson as “FMCG breakthrough innovations”

Global data company Nielson has released the 2020 edition of its Top 25 Breakthrough Innovations report, with PURE NPD taking a closer look at the eight UK product representatives

Discovering Development: could Romanian cuisine hit the UK mainstream?

PURE NPD’s plant-based chef, Head of NPD and editor discuss whether Romanian cuisine has the potential to have an impact on the UK food scene

Fermentation: the supermarket development chef’s view

With fermentation all the rage, Nicola Spalding discusses trends and applications with Morrisons head chef of manufacturing, Mike Hibberd

The animal-free dairy gap: inside Brave Robot’s plans to create a new global food category

Brave Robot co-founder Paul Kollesoff takes Tom Gatehouse through the inner workings of the revolutionary animal-free ice cream concept

Peanut butter boom: six brands leading the charge

With peanut butter emerging from the shadow of jam in supermarkets, retail consultant Laura Eastwood details six brands that are reacting to the category’s growth

How Taste Shakers is unlocking a new retail future for restaurants

The business landscape for hospitality is changing, with new initiative Taste Shakers teaming up with restaurants to help them develop, strategise and conquer the retail market

Eight key takeaways from the Co-op lockdown trends report

Following the Co-op’s release of a COVID-19 report on convenience shopping and at-home cooking, PURE NPD isolates eight key stats to digest and discuss

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