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Keto-friendly product branding ideation in retail (and beyond)

With keto diets rising in popularity in the UK, PURE NPD looks at how existing brands might pivot their existing product branding to incorporate a keto-friendly message

How healthy snacking brand Nibble accidentally created a keto-friendly answer to the chocolate chip home baking gap

PURE NPD discovers how, while developing her new range of keto-friendly biscuit bakes, Nibble founder Erin Moroney found (and filled) a gap in the chocolate chip home baking category

Who are the end consumers for keto-friendly food products in the UK (and is there a gap in the market)?

Interest in keto diets is on the rise in the UK, but who is the end consumer? To us, it's split into two groups - and both will have different keto product needs

Keto Diet Trends: what’s going on in snacking and cereals?

Following on from our AI-based data piece with Tastewise on keto diet trends in the UK, PURE NPD goes inside the snacking and cereal retail categories, across the UK and US, to gauge current ketogenic NPD direction

AI-based food trends: will 2021 be a breakthrough year for the keto diet in the UK?

PURE NPD's latest tie-up with food intelligence platform Tastewise focuses on the keto diet, with exclusive AI-based trend data revealing a number of NPD interest areas within the dieting trend as it edges closer to the UK mainstream

Inside plant-based fish trends with Louise Kirby, development and brand lead at Good Catch

In our interview with Louise, we discuss the advancement of plant-based fish from a development point of view, the different ingredients used in creating seafood alternatives and the unusual idea of vegan ceviche

Seven plant-based fish innovators in UK restaurants (and beyond)

PURE NPD discusses six casual dining outlets which are innovating with different plant-based ingredients to create vegan-friendly versions of fish dishes

Ten plant-based fish innovators in UK retail (and beyond)

After AI-based trends platform Tastewise revealed the key fish alternative drivers in the UK, PURE NPD looks at 10 different plant-based fish retail products already making a mark

AI-based food trends: what the UK really wants from plant-based fish

In our latest AI-based deep dive into the next big food trends, pioneering platform Tastewise reveals the state of play with plant-based fish in the UK, delving into the motivations, points of language and key ingredients driving the emerging category

Oat-based vegan pizza: branding ideation from AI-based trend analysis

Branding agency Blue Sheep Design explores how an oat-based vegan pizza - touted as a real opportunity in NPD by AI-based trends platform Tastewise - might look if taken through to the retail shelf

Oat-based vegan pizza: translating trends with retail category analysis

After AI-based trend analysis platform Tastewise proved why oat-based vegan pizza could be the next big thing, PURE NPD discovers the latest in pizza category analysis

How Farmison are blending tradition with trends to attract a new breed of consumer

John Pallagi, CEO and founder of online butcher Farmison, reveals how the UK retail meat sector is changing and the steps they’ve taken to manage their massive growth

Could tempeh lead the charge away from plant-based meat alternatives?

Tiba Tempeh founder Alex Longton reveals how her recent discussions with major retailers point to an emerging new mindset in plant-based

How (and why) Behind This Wall created the UK’s first bottled CBD hard seltzer

East London bar Behind This Wall launched their cocktail-based hard seltzer range in July, with PURE NPD discovering the development process and the strategies behind the scenes

How Jubel Beer developed and launched an après-ski disrupter into UK retail (via Mars)

Chandos Elletson discovers how Jubel Beer - the peach-flavoured disruptor brand - came to be, with co-founder Jesse Wilson revealing the initial development and ongoing retail strategy

How Morrisons brought their Market Kitchen concept to life

Launched in August, Morrisons Market Kitchen is a groundbreaking addition for the major retailer, with Nicola Spalding delving into the development behind the food-to-go concept

Lactalis predicting baking cheese sales surge this Christmas

The French company says there is the potential for triple figure sales increases for baking cheeses over the Christmas season

New Google Trends report reveals COVID/nutrition keywords

A new Google Trends analysis report reveals the “profound effects” of COVID-19 on global nutrition searches

Beans Coffee Club and the emerging opportunities in subscriptions

With subscription services all the rage, PURE NPD discovers the driving force behind Beans Coffee Club, who have seen their consumer base more than double since lockdown

Meet Innodelice – the world’s first ice cream innovation ecosystem

Editor Tom Gatehouse gets to grips with Innodelice, a unique platform for the frozen dessert industry, with co-founder Andrea Montreuil explaining their mission to enable low cost innovation through low risk collaboration

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